Microtools Based on The Relational Data Model for Improvement of Information Processes – Multiplicity of Relationships, And Mandatory Nature of Relationships and Attributes

Abstract :

Spreadsheets are very popular among a multitude of different contemporary organisations. They can be used in practice to provide a platform for building one’s own tools that support and automate information processes. Independently developed, the tools created in spreadsheets may be consistent with the author’s signature concept of Microtools Based on the Relational Data Model. In order to create them, one must apply adequate solutions enabling representation of entities, ensuring data integrity, and acquisition of the reports and collations assumed to be generated. In this article, the author has proposed and discussed three solutions supporting data integrity assurance in the scope of verification of the assumed multiplicity of entities, as well as one solution which supports data integrity assurance in the scope of verification of the mandatory nature of relationships and attributes. In accordance with the concept in question, the solutions proposed in the paper make use of standard spreadsheet features and components, without involving any additional code created in any programming language.