Methods of A Weak Market Signals for Evaluation the Economic Efficiency of Digital Investment Projects

Abstract :

The article is devoted to the problem of evaluating the economic efficiency of digital investment projects. The genesis of the development of digital projects has been formed. The genesis is based on the evolution of global digitalization processes. The topic of the presence on the market at the present time of a wide variety of projects. The paper presents a classification of digital projects identifies five features based on this classification. Based on these characteristics, various types of projects have been identified and investigated. An analysis of each type of project made it possible to identify their specific properties. In the article, the authors examined the most important properties such as the intangible nature of the objects of investment and the reduction of the project life. The latter leads to a significant increase in risks in a rapidly changing environment. The analysis of the most popular methods for assessing investment performance showed that none of these methods takes into account the identified specific properties of digital projects. The authors propose to form a system of continuous environmental monitoring at the enterprise to reduce the risks of losing the effectiveness of projects in a rapidly changing environment. The basis of such a system is proposed to use the mechanisms of weak market signals.