Methodological Approaches To System Analysis Of Socio-Economic Systems

Abstract :

Problem of complex objects management has become an important factor for the economic development of a country. A special role is devoted to acquisition of system thinking. Despite the vast scientific literature on system analysis, it is currently loosely connected totality set of technics and methods of informal and formal nature. Thus, what is called system analysis, presents not enough integrated corpus of methods, technics and tools for system activity.

Nowadays, it is common knowledge, that the most urgent task of system research is the problem of an appropriate toolkit creation. This article deals with the problem of social-economic system comprehensive assessment. According to authors, it is possible to be solved on the basis of systematic approach under which condition description of this or that economic object is implemented not with individual indicators, but integrated set.

Research purpose is to justify mythological approaches to system analysis on different socio-economic systems study using analysis of its ubiquitously internal structure and resources potential (space, time and energy).? Presented algorithm of a consistent pattern intelligent search allows solving many system analysis problematic issues. These include: identification of system structure, removal of non-structural elements, establishment of analysed object basis indicators, emphasizing and description of subsystems and echelons of economic systems, models creation for final indicators, role of structure evaluation and determination in object organization.

A positive aspect of the proposed method is its versatility. This approach use allows identifying not only gaps in socio-economic systems and managing resource flows to achieve its best objective and effective use, but also to reveal mechanisms of socio-economic systems organization determining management ability.