Measurement Of Training Efficiency Rationalization And Operationalization

Abstract :

Developing a method for the efficient management of training process in the organization, including the process of assessing training effectiveness, is a key challenge for most organizations. The quality of the method adopted for the assessment of the effectiveness of training is of particular importance in knowledge-based organizations, where the proper selection of training determines the compatibility of employees’ competence to the tasks performed. This compatibility is the basic factor determining the achievement of the organization's objectives. The model described in this paper puts emphasis on the responsible participation of employees in the process of planning and evaluation of training results, which, in accordance with the adopted assumptions, is to increase the effectiveness of training.

The purpose of this paper is presentation of the concept and the method which allows to measure the effectiveness of training

The conceptual model was tested on a research and control sample, covering 200 full-time employees employed in a public sector unit in Poland. Qualitative data was collected through group interviews, one-on-one interviews, and secondary sources

This study analyzes the usability of information from the most popular models, which allow to predict training effectiveness.? It should be emphasized that this concept has also been positively verified and scientifically reviewed as well as positively tested in one of the public administration units.

a model and related proposals combining self and collective effectiveness with efficiency trainings, team cooperation and organizational efficiency, solutions offered in this field can support HR staff in management and measurement of training effectiveness.