Marketing Strategy Vs Implementation of Innovative Solutions in an Enterprise– Case Study of a Company in the Construction Sector

Abstract :

This paper discusses the issue of executing a marketing strategy within the context of implementation of innovative solutions. All presented considerations are divided into two principal parts – theoretical and empirical. The first part of this paper presents the essence of formation of the company’s marketing strategy taking into account the role of innovation as an instrument of executing the strategy. The second part of the paper presents the results of empirical studies conducted on the basis of a case study. This publication allows better understanding of the attributes of the adopted marketing strategy in the context of assessing the level of engagement of sales in generating profit in the analysed company. This article contributes to the discussion on the identification of opportunities and threats related with the execution of marketing strategies of companies. The issue of executing a marketing strategy is important and valid due to its influence on the decision-making processes in terms of effectiveness of sales, in particular if this goal is achieved via implementation of innovative solutions.