Marketing Communication and Its Importance in The Success of Product Sales

Abstract :

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult for companies to stay in the market, compete with organizations with similar services or products, and thus continue to move forward and become more successful. One of the basic goals of every business is to achieve success and prosperity. From this goal, the overall corporate policy, decisions and specific activities of the company are derived. The development and success of the company are among the basic goals of business. Due to the constantly changing and advancing market conditions, it is not easy to clearly identify the factors that affect the development of the company. Already in the past, the model of the marketing mix, which consists of tactical marketing tools of product, price, distribution and communication policy, was decisive for the success of the company. The paper focuses on marketing communication, which is an integral part of the activities and the overall activity and position of the company. Communication is one of the tools of the marketing mix, which has an important position in increasing competitiveness and achieving success in selling products as well as the success of the company. It is also an important tool for building corporate identity and corporate image. The aim of the article is to point out the importance of marketing communication in connection with the successful sale of the product as well as to achieve success and increase the competitiveness of the company as a whole and to clarify the individual tools of marketing communication.