Banking Public Relations and Customers’ Consciousness in Nigeria

Abstract :

This study aims at examining public awareness and perception of public relations activities in banking services. The research method employed for this study is the quantitative survey design, using the questionnaires to gather the opinion of the banking public. The paper adopts the two-way symmetrical theory. This paper reveals that the public generally has the issue of trust with their banks which has tried but still unable to solve this problem over the years. They should as well focus more on areas that will benefit the public such as more empowerment programs, more educational programs and better customer relations. The paper concludes that the bank needs to ensure that they build a relationship between the public and itself in order to overcome the issue of trust and negative perception. It recommends that Covenant Microfinance Bank should adopt a PR activity, adopt the social media tool, e-banking system, and be proactive in its dealings. More awareness by Banks in correcting the negative perception of the public is needed.