Managing Edible Garden at Postgraduate Urban Campus in Jakarta, Indonesia

Abstract :

Urban campuses have a role in educating future generations and empowering society to live sustainably. Campuses' gardens usually functioned as an aesthetic aspect of a campus area. Gardens have a much positive impact on society and environmentally. With the rise of environmental issues such as increased carbon gas emissions from food-producing activities, land-use change, the idea of implementing an edible garden has been around for the last decade. There are few studies about the implementation of edible gardens in Indonesia's urban campus, especially postgraduate urban campus. This paper discussed what the university thinks about the concept of the edible garden and how to manage it properly. A qualitative method was used for this research by conducting an in-depth interview and literature studies. The results of this study are that the university was interested in implementing an edible garden at the urban campus, and one of the problems in managing the gardens were lacking gardening skills and human resources. This study indicates that the concept of an edible garden is reasonable and can add the university’s sustainable campus program.