Managerial Competencies Management – A Practical Approach

Abstract :

Employees are a key component of modern enterprises and the level of tasks performed depends on the state of their competence, which is measurably reflected in achieving the objectives set by the organization. The main goal of this article was to find an answer to the question concerning the possibility of achieving the company's objectives by means of effective and efficient management of employees' competencies. The result of theoretical research work is to adopt the following thesis: identification of employee competencies, and consequently reaching the competence gaps of the organization, causes that activities related to competence management may, in a measurable way, be reflected in the results and success of the company.?The thesis formulated in this way, in turn, contributed to the clarification of the empirical problem, namely: What is the state of the managerial staff's competencies, crucial for the organization in terms of achieving the objectives? The empirical research made use of the analysis of the available organizational documentation and questionnaires filled in by the management staff. This article focuses on the results of the empirical studies carried out, as well as an analytical review of the collected research data and conclusions and recommendations for the surveyed organization.