Management of Innovation in the Agricultural Sector

Abstract :

Sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the country's economy is largely determined by the effectiveness of innovation in the industry. The development of innovations provides a systematic update of the organizational, economic, technological and technical base of agricultural production and the production of competitive products.?However, the current socio-economic situation in the agricultural sector of Russia suggests that, due to imperfect technologies based on knowledge of domestic and foreign literature, forms and methods of management in agriculture, the industry cannot compete with foreign exporters of products.?In addition, there is a tendency to increase the dependence of the country's agriculture on other states in relation to varieties, breeding livestock and poultry, and agricultural machinery. Breeding enterprises of the country with an unsatisfactory material and technical base cannot provide the domestic agricultural industry with the necessary amount of breeding material for stable operation.?In this regard, research is needed aimed at improving the innovation management system in the agricultural sector in order to increase the efficiency of investment in innovation, ensuring continuous growth in economic efficiency and expanded reproduction. Based on these provisions, it is possible to determine such tasks of scientific research as determining the main elements of the innovation process in the agricultural sector, identifying and analyzing the factors that determine the transition of the agricultural economy to innovative technologies.