Management in the Modern Organisation Motivating for Work as a Function of Human Resource

Abstract :

The paper attempts to investigate the role of motivating in human resource management on the example of a selected enterprise. The point of departure was to present the essence of motivating employees and to determine the factors motivating employees according to the national and international literature. This allowed to assess the current state of knowledge on motivating as one of the functions of efficient human resource management, taking into particular consideration selected factors of motivation.?The verification of the hypothesis and the realisation of the stated goal was made on the basis of a critical analysis of the source literature and the case study. The following hypothesis was put forward in the paper: motivation, especially non-remuneration incentives, plays a crucial role in human resource management.?The paper aims to present the issues of motivating as a function of human resource management as well as a rank of factors motivating employees for work in the investigated enterprise. The paper attempts to assess the current factors and indicates solutions that would be beneficial both for the employees and the organisation.