Management by Values and Sustainable HRM a Comparative Analysis

Abstract :

The article focuses on the comparative analysis of two management strategies – Management by Values ??and Sustainable HRM. Such an analysis is necessary because of the growing significance of the concept of sustainable development. It becomes important to answer the question of whether Sustainable HRM can be called an element of Management by Values??. The first part of the article focuses on a detailed discussion of both concepts, giving practical examples of their use in companies. A positive impact of both strategies on human capital development was found, as well as on the long-term competitiveness of the organizations that implemented them. Then, on the basis of the literature, a comparative analysis was carried out based on 16 criteria constituting the most important features distinguishing both concepts. The identification of many common elements proved that Management by Values ??and Sustainable HRM are interrelated. At the end of the article, appropriate conclusions and proposals for further research on the subject are presented.