Made-In-Nigeria Automobiles and Public Relations: Three Professionals’ Perspectives

Abstract :

This study examines the viewpoints of public relations professionals in the Nigerian automobile industry. The study involved three interviews using a qualitative method of data collection. Each interview was from two Nigerian automobile manufacturers and a public relations agency. Companies sampled were Coscharis Motors Limited, Honda Manufacturing Nigeria Limited and SoulComms Limited, which is a perception and reputation management subsidiary of SO&U, an integrated marketing communication consultancy. ?The study is rooted in Grunig and Dozier's Excellence Theory. It shows that despite the challenges in acceptance of these domestic products, the automobile industry players sampled continue to make calculated and concerted efforts to improve the relationship with their different stakeholders. Also, the sampled PR professionals suggest increased advocacy to stimulate stakeholders and policymakers in the creation of an enabling environment to encourage more production and acceptance of Nigerian-manufactured automobiles.