Looming Sustainability Measures in Supply Chain Management of Oil and Gas Sector in Middle East

Abstract :

The energy industry in the middle east has continued to witness rapid growth. The operations of the industry are often intensive, which prompts the need to apply the sustainability concept. Supply chain management is one of the utmost essential elements of an organization. Implementing sustainable supply chain management has proven to advance the social, economic, and ecological outcomes of a firm. However, there is a lack of research on the measures that can be used to measure SSC in the oil and gas industry, which necessitates the current research. The current study aims at understanding the most appropriate measures for SSCM. Further, the research aims at identifying the economic impacts of SSCM to a company. The current study is a cross-sectional qualitative study that will utilize secondary data to reach conclusions. The results of the study indicate that sustainable supply chains have positive economic outcomes for the company. Further, the results indicate that the best way to measure the effectiveness of SSCM is to use a zero wastage approach. However, more research needs to be done on the same to provide more measures.