Legal Aspect of the Regulation of Migration Processes

Abstract :

The problem of national and public security acquires increasingly relevance in the modern world. And migration politics of the state plays an iImportant role in it it. Today this problem is an especialy accute because of the rapid development of international relations and intensity migration processes, and as a result – sharp increase in number migrants both in the Russian Federation and beyond. In this regard, there is the need of improvements of legal regulation of the migration policy of the world community.?Today, along with rapid development of international relations there is a dramatically groth of the intensity migration processes, and as a result – number migrants. Because of obligations adopted by Russian Federation assotiated with compliance of human rights there is a need to ensure the rights of the individual to freedom of residence and freedom of movement. This is leading to the process of formation of updated outlook, wherein any human disorder spur him to find the best share. One of the consequences this disorder is migration which help people to find the best life for meet various levels of requirements, ranging from physiological (required for survival) to needs in self-knowledge (implementation potential opportunities).?There are several main directions of migration policy. This is development of legislation in the field of migration to ensure rights of the individual to freedom of residence and movement; its adaptation of international standards; regulation of migration processes into account the interests of national security, socio-economic and demographic situation in regions and state as a whole.?The authors come to the conclusion that current legal status of migrants does not full compare with the international experience and modern content of migration relations and its insufficient legal regulation leads to the illigal migration, which has a destructive impact on political, social and cultural life, as well as negative effect on the security in the country and around the world.