Learning styles in sixth grade students of Fernando de la Vega school from Cartagena de Indias-Colombia

Abstract :

Learning theories during the 21st century have suffered readjustments influenced by their context. Hence, current psychology and pedagogy have been aimed to research, explaining study strategies and the most favorable ways to acquire knowledge. Since learning styles depend on the way each individual perceives and processes information in order to build their own understanding, it has been evidenced that, over the years, students develop their study preferences according to their needs and situation, until being more effective. Therefore, the present cross-sectional descriptive study aims to identify the learning styles of sixth grade students of public institution Fernando de la Vega, located in Cartagena de Indias-Colombia, as well as to adopt improvements in teaching-learning strategies. Based on this, we considered important to implement an instrument to identify the learning style that suits the research population, considering Honey-Alonso CHAEA Junior questionnaire, proposed by Catalina Alonso in 1992, since it results accessible to applicate, interpret and analyze