Leadership models in construction company: Facing new technological challenges

Abstract :

Construction is a sector of the economy being under a significant influence of developing technology. Buildings and non-building structures shape the environment and “consume” natural resources throughout their life cycle. They “live” many years what makes that management of a construction project (taking into account the entire life cycle) is the goal of many generations of supporting technologies. The technologies may be used in the phase of design, construction, maintenance and demolition of buildings and non-building structures. They refer to manufacturing processes, construction production or management. They include the use of computers, automated tools and machines or other intelligent devices. Therefore, contractors of construction projects have to be sensitive to these issues. In the article, based on literature studies, it was revealed that knowledge management in a construction company should primarily be based on the corporate culture that shows a preference for computer-aided methods. The path to technological maturity of construction company has been shown as a continual process. The consistency enables for effective promotion of innovative technologies in the construction company. The research allowed to draw three explicit phases: lack of experience, euphoria, experience in becoming technologically-matured by the enterprise.