Leadership in Sports Teams in the Light of Research on Organizational Culture (Ice Hockey Trainers in Poland)

Abstract :

Ice hockey as a discipline of team sports game bases its functioning on the organizational and legal principles of the Polish Ice Hockey Association (PIHA, org. PZHL). In terms of training and functionality (training, sports games, HR processes, etc.), it is based on the functioning of Ice Hockey Training Centers (IHTC, org. OSHL) and the work of managing managers (trainers) who manage the players' activities. The relationship between managing managers, ice hockey trainers, and executive employees (ice hockey players) is a case study, by analogy with other work environments, types of organizations and sectors of the economy. As an organization, it creates a specific organizational culture in the ideal (goals, values, strategy), normative (norms, rules, regulations, statutes and regulations) and physical and material (physical, communication and behavioral artifacts). This specific sports environment (ethos, physical structure, dress code, proxemics of the rules of the game, etc.) has a specific vision of methods and techniques of managing people, ice hockey players, which in their operational work is expressed and applied by managing managers, ice hockey trainers.?An environment of very hard and permanent competition can become a case study and an example for other sports organizations and disciplines, as well as other sectors of the economy in which fierce struggle and competition take place. One of the most important aspects of organizational culture is the dominant management style and it has just been analyzed as part of this research process. The middle level of management, line managers, implement the strategic arrangements of the highest level of management, therefore, organizational culture managers, trainers and managers were subjected to research in organizational culture.