Labour Standards, Human Rights and the Public Health in the World Trade Organization

Abstract :

The interaction of labor standards and human rights has become a key issue in the World Trade organization. Policymakers gradually developed new rules to achieve both trade and human rights objectives. England signed treaties with the U.S., Portugal, Denmark, and Sweden to ban trade in slaves ect. The trade labour linkage has a long history. It has become one of the most contentious contemporary issues in trade and labour policy circles and debates. ?The idea of using international labour standards to protect workers from economic exploitation was first promoted by individual social reformers in Europe in the first half of the nineteenth century during the early stages of the industrial revolution. The work of these reformers was later taken over by various non-governmental organizations. Calls for international labour legislation increased dramatically during the second half of the nineteenth century and found expression in various international organizations that were formed (often international associations of trade unions). Besides, internationa trade policy and labor standarts can also hurt the right to health directly or indirectly. As the result there are several problems can be identified regarding the International rules on trade as whole and from the publick health perspective.