Knowledge Mapping of Personalized Recommendation System Research in China: A Bibliometric Analysis Using CiteSpace

Abstract :

With the rapid development of electronic commerce, the problem of "information overload" leads to the difficulty that user can't search the required goods effectively, personalized recommendation technology has been applied in e-commerce and popularization. This paper investigated the intellectual structure, development, and evolution of personalized recommendation quantitatively to provide a systematic review of the current state of the personalized recommendation literature in China. We used a visualization tool called CiteSpace and mapped our result into the I-model for classi?cation. According to 1999 articles focusing on personalized recommendation, we have identi?ed the most in?uential authors, institutions, publications and keywords in this ?eld, as well as the hot topics and future trends. Some useful conclusions can be drawn as follows: The annual of published paper is relatively stable in 2009-2013, and began to enter a large-scale development stage in 2014 ;Recommendation systems, recommendation algorithm, application environment and cold start are the hot topics in the last 10 years;The cooperation between authors and research institutions is weak, authors’ cooperation has a significant geographical limitation.