Leveraging Information Communication Technology for Manpower Training in Nigeria’s Public Sector

Abstract :

The significance of manpower training is increasingly evident given the developing multifaceted nature of the workplace, the quick change experienced by organizations and progression due to technological advancement. Manpower training guarantees that employees have the information required to perform their roles adequately, take on new tasks, and adjust to evolving conditions. Despite the recognition that efficiency in the Nigeria public sector is dependent upon effective manpower training and the various traditional forms of training available in the public sector, researches have shown that over the years, ineffectiveness, lackluster performance and corruption have the characteristic nature of the sector in Nigeria. A new training channel is therefore imperative. Adopting the human capital and scientific management theoretical approach, this paper examined the area of manpower training within this sector, specifically the imperative of ICT adoption, in light of the current challenges faced by the sector in order to find a pathway for efficiency. To accomplish this, the paper engages systematic literature review with the view to identify the nature and method, challenges and finally, the possibility and limitations of adopting ICT for manpower training in the sector. Critical discourse of the paper centers on political will to provide the necessary infrastructure, allocating an adequate ICT budget and skilled professionals in order to harness the beneficial role of applying ICT for manpower training in the sector.