Intellectual Rent as A Necessary Element in The Transition to Noonomics

Abstract :

Socio-economic trends around the world are determining the need to move towards innovative technologies that can optimize production processes and make significant shifts in the structure of the economy. Unfortunately, Russia's technological development, despite significant progress, leaves much to be desired. To reduce the scientific and technological backwardness it is necessary to increase the intensification of intellectual processes taking place in the economy. The aim of the study is to consider existing opportunities to increase the level of intellectual rent and its impact on the transformation processes in the economy and society. It is assumed that such processes will allow in the future to create a completely new society, in which maximization of knowledge and satisfaction of non-economic needs will become the main dominants. The research is based on the analysis of scientific works on intellectualization, noonomics and quasi-rent. The urgency of forming a sufficient level of intellectual rent is increasing day by day. It is through sustainable growth of its volume that it is possible to build a knowledge economy capable of competing in the world market. Nevertheless, without government intervention and effective economic policy it is impossible to increase the intensity of intellectualization, which will provide a technological breakthrough and in the future will create opportunities for a gradual transition to innovation. It can be concluded that the departure from material production is the only rational way of long-term development of human civilization, and the steady increase of intellectual rent will be the first step to the transformation of not only the existing system of management, but also social relations in general.