Integration of the Manufacturing Operations Management Subsystem Into a Unified Information System at the Enterprise

Abstract :

The procedure of integration of the Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) subsystem into a unified information system of an enterprise is considered. As one of the main integrated subsystems at the enterprise, the subsystem of planning, management and monitoring of production is considered, which allows you to organize interaction with other allied subsystems used by consumers of enterprise’s products. The structure of the subsystem is considered in details, and the structure of logical connections between the subsystem and allied ones is determined. The list of data groups for exchange between the considered subsystem and allied subsystems is formed. The scheme of interaction of PMM subsystem with allied subsystems in terms of the functions performed is proposed. The proposed integration procedure will allow the company to synchronize all types of productions, logistical support; to reduce the time and complexity of monitoring and analyzing the state of production processes, as well as to reduce the response time of management services to changes (deviations) in production schedules.