Integration in Global Production and Sales Chains: The Role of Multinational, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Abstract :

International trade, production, investment are increasingly organized within the global value chains (or GVCs), in which the different stages of the production process are located in various countries. Companies are restructuring their activities at the international level, optimizing their production processes and placing stages of production at different sites due to the globalization.?The article analyzes the features of global value chains formation and provides quantitative estimates of countries participation in GVCs. The study of GVCs involves both an assessment of the extent to which countries are involved in the global economy, and an analysis of factors that influence the integration of country enterprises in value chains. The latter is of particular interest in connection with the need to improve industrial and trade policy instruments in order to create conditions for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in the world market - to ensure growth based on non-resource exports and the development of industries and services.