Integration And Safety Of Immigrant Students: The Polish Way For Multicultural Education

Abstract :

As Poland is becoming a more attractive destination for immigrants, Polish schools need to develop relevant solutions that can assist the integration of immigrant students to Polish society. The objective of this study was threefold. First, the paper aims to explore factors correlating with high academic performance of immigrant students. Second, the study investigates immigration policy and educational solutions in Poland. Finally, we evaluate educational solutions implemented in schools to facilitate the integration of immigrant children, their safety, as well as discuss the difficulties and advantages resulting from foreign students’ presence in Polish schools. The study shows that educational solutions aiming at immigrant integration need to be investigated in the context of multidimensional legislation on immigration. Strict immigration policy is the key indicator of high academic performance of foreign students. However, educational solutions facilitating the integration of immigrant children also play an important role. Furthermore, the findings of the quantitative analysis relate to the solutions adopted by Polish schools that assist the integration of foreign students. They also shed light on the problems and benefits of having heterogeneous classes. Most schools in Poland offer foreign students a number of educational opportunities related to Polish language acquisition, academic performance (e.g. remedial lessons) and social integration. Inability to speak Polish is the greatest problem at schools, which is the root cause of other complex problems, such as foreign students’ falling behind with schoolwork, slower pace of the lesson, and discipline problems. ?