Innovative Educational Method At Practice-Oriented Studies At The Faculty Of Logistics

Abstract :

The article describes an innovative universal educational method (form) developed based on modern methods, techniques, and tools supporting the educational process at the Faculty of Security, Logistics, and Management at the Military University of Technology (MUT). The original way of teaching concerns the application of lateral thinking and the so-called "questioning methods" (also known as 5W1H, Five Ws, or Kipling ones) in the process of ordering various goods from suppliers to customers with whom they cooperate in the supply chain. Teams of students in their logistics exercises using the "Six Thinking Hats" method, a concept developed by E. de Bono, analyze the complex problem posed by the lecturer. The key benefits the students received from this type of learning include verification of their existing way of thinking when solving a problem and taking a creative approach to solving the task. The advantage is also its simplicity and universality. Empirical research confirms that the learning methods not only increase the attractiveness of classes (93%), satisfaction with the acquisition of creative thinking skills but also bring contentment with the team solving a complex research problem (91%).