Informational Continuity of Operations in the Context of Safety and Security Research in Contemporary Organizations

Abstract :

The main aim of the article is to indicate the possibilities, scale and scope of application of alternative technologies such as Cloud Computing to shape informational continuity of operations and provide safety and security for modern public and private organizations. The study has used the CAPI method as well as statistical analysis of empirical data. The research was conducted for various entities representing public services, local government administration as well as entities running business activities. The subject of the study were problems related to the functioning of a given organization in circumstances of crisis and threats. One of the important areas of research was the problem to use the tools and services of the CC platform, which enables strengthening the level of information security and informational continuity of operations. The range of research and analysis and study work undertaken leads to the conclusion that the increasing use of cloud computing can foster security and informational continuity of operations.