Information Security Training Technology Based On The Updating Of Personal Experience Using Modern Formats Of Communication Between Teacher And Students

Abstract :

The paper substantiates the need to create information security training technology, which will allow students to realize the importance and rigor of the implementation of legal and technical measures to protect information. Digital data is becoming the main carrier of professional, state, commercial and personal information. The mathematical algorithms provide high resistance to hacking in a reasonable time. However, the human factor is presented in ensuring information security is able to level all technical solutions. It is proved that the traditional teaching technology does not contribute to the awareness of the importance and vital necessity of fulfilling the requirements and rules of information security. The mtechnology of conducting the lessons, developed by the authors, allows to solve the problem. The practical examples demonstrate the technology of building a lesson, focused on ensuring that all the questions studied are considered from the point of view of the student’s personal safety; they confirmed the social significance and scale of the problem by the obtained data of a scientific experiment.The leading approaches, principles and methods in the development of technology are: a holographic approach, vitagenic training, heuristic training, the principle of interactivity, “inverted training”, authentic assessment and observation included. All used pedagogical approaches and methods correspond to the modern level of development of digital education and?the mentality of a modern student.