Influence of Weights in Topsis And TMAL Methods on Time of Order-Picking – Simulation Analysis

Abstract :

In shared storage, the product is often located in many different (often very distant) locations. When completing an order, one of them (or several if visiting one will not cover the demand for the product) should be selected. Locations can be selected according to different criteria: distance from the I/O point, from other locations to be visited during the picking process, the extent to which demand is met or according to product storage time. One or all of the criteria listed above may be used. For this purpose, multi-criteria decision-making methods can be used. One of the methods used to select a location is TMAL (Taxonomic Measure of Location’s Attractiveness) based on Hellwig's Composite Measure of Development, and the other is the well-known TOPSIS method. Both methods have been compared in terms of the total distance the picker will have to travel during order-picking and the total picking time. It will be checked how the weights assigned to each criterion will affect the choice of location to visit and the total route and time of order picking.