Influence of Selected Internal Transport Technology in the Picking Area on Improving Work Safety and Picking Time

Abstract :

The subject of work safety coupled with the reduction of working time work has been studied extensively for a long time. Every work is known to pose certain risks and hazards. Work in warehouse facilities particularly abounds in safety issues. There is no way to avoid risk situations at work completely, yet they should be kept away or their likelihood should be diminished. It is essential to be aware of possible threats and, above all, know what to do to reduce them. A standard warehouse facility has four functional zones, one of them being a picking area. The picking area is primarily served by internal transport. Most operations in that area are handled in this way. If a warehouse facility is expected to run properly, its picking area must be organized properly. This article attempts to prove that properly organized work of means of internal transport and the proper selection of internal transport technologies have a direct impact on expediting operations in the picking area of a warehouse and on reducing the likelihood of hazardous situations.