Increased Diffusion of Innovation through the Development of University’s Entrepreneurial Activity

Abstract :

The role of the education system as a strategic resource for the development of economic and social processes is of particular importance, since it is thanks to it that the successful, dynamic sustainable development is largely ensured. The modern period for universities determines the priority tasks of their development, the main emphasis today is not on educational and scientific activities, but on improving the principles and methods of management of the processes of integration of educational, scientific and entrepreneurial activities to ensure high quality education, competitiveness of in the market of research and innovative products. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness of the implementation of the research and entrepreneurial functions of universities on the materials of the Russian system of higher education and develop ways to improve its efficiency. The effectiveness of the implementation of scientific and entrepreneurial functions of universities in the Russian system of science and higher education was empirically analyzed. The recommendations for the development of project activities of the university through the organization and implementation of group project learning as a tool of developing entrepreneurship activity in science and higher education are discussed. To activate universities in innovation and entrepreneurship, it is necessary not only to conduct research, but also to effectively organize the processes of managing the commercialization of university innovations. The algorithm and recommendations for the using of group project training for commercialization of intellectual activity and enchancing of knowledge spillover was present.