Impact of Television Health Programmes: Women Resident at the Bells Community, Ota in Focus

Abstract :

Health is of utmost importance to the development of individuals, community, state and any nation at large. The study explored the impact of Television Health Programmes on women resident at The Bells Community, Ota, Ogun State, focusing on health programmes on AIT. This is an empirical study and the essence of this study is to be able to generate information or statistics that would be useful for areas or sectors in Nigerian that deals with health. In gathering these information or statistics, questionnaire was used. 60 copies of questionnaires were used to gather information from women who are resident in The Bells Community. The study found that only a few women in that community actually watch television programmes. It concluded the health programmes on AIT should be made more interesting and fascinating for women who would invariably call other women’s attention to the programmes.