Impact Of Cloud Mobile Solutions In The Education System

Abstract :

The number of mobile phones and mobile phone subscriptions has grown significantly in the last years. More and more powerful phones are launched in the market. This has driven the development of various mobile applications for different fields of activity, one of them being the education area. Also, the cloud in mobile solutions is increasingly present, having the role of enriching the user experience by boosting the capabilities of the mobile devices through increased processing power and increased storage capability.

The goal of our paper is to analyse the impact of cloud in mobile solutions for educational systems. In our research we observed an increasing usage of mobile devices and a preference of those devices over desktop computers. Also cloud mobile data traffic increased in recent years compared to non-cloud mobile data traffic.

Given the fact that the educational systems require more computational power and more storage capability, cloud is a natural option for those. Also, the number of mobile solutions in educational systems has increased in the last years, fact that changed the way an individual can learn and manage activities in schools. Cloud mobile solutions already have a high impact in the educational systems and will continue to change the schools for the upcoming years, by offering easier access to learning resources. The impact will be more felt in the developing countries which currently have difficulties in accessing decent learning resources.