Immigrants in Polish Economy – The Quantitative Analysis

Abstract :

The paper presents the definition of immigration and its positive and negative effects. The problem of immigration in Poland has also been described here. It has been shown that the main reason for immigration to Poland is the economic aspect, i.e. economic migration. Based on the data provided by the Office for Foreigners and the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, it has been outlined how trends related to the presence of economic immigrants on the Polish labour market are shaped. The aim of the article is also to prove that there has been a growth of foreign workers in Poland in the last six years and that a large group of them is doing all the formalities for their employment in companies. The data collected allowed analysing information on the nationality and gender of foreigners in Poland. It has been proved that the most numerous group are people in the age category from 20 to 39, and the majority of immigrants entering Poland come from Ukraine. It has also been shown that in the last six years most documents entitling to stay in Poland and work permits have been issued for immigrants from Ukraine, which proves that foreigners from this country are increasingly visible on the Polish labour market and are willing to undertake work, which may help to make up for staff shortages.? A report has also been presented to show that the main reason for Ukrainian citizens to come to Poland is higher earnings and the desire to improve their standard of living. The report also showed that their work often diverge from their qualifications and level of education, which means that the potential of immigrants coming to Poland is not fully exploited.