Identity Expressed in Organizational Missions and Communication of Sponsorship; the Case of the Largest Polish Enterprises

Abstract :

Care for the social environment is becoming an important value in the activities of today’s enterprises. It is internalized so deeply that it becomes part of the company’s ethical identity. This identity can be communicated, among others, in organizational missions. The aim of the article was to: (1) determine the types of values appearing in the missions of the largest Polish enterprises (as part of their organizational identity); (2) identify sponsorship areas in the largest Polish enterprises; (3) identify the relationship between the presentation by the largest Polish enterprises of particular types of values in their missions and the posting by these organizations of information about sponsorship areas on corporate websites. In order to achieve the research objectives, the analysis of the content of websites (including information contained in reports or similar documents) was used. The collected data were subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis. IRAMUTEQ was used as well as Excel and SPSS Statistics. The Mann-Whitney U test was also performed to test the validity of the formulated hypotheses.