Identification of the Level of Professional Satisfaction of the Hotel Industry Employees on the Example of Hotels in the Tri-City

Abstract :

The main aim of the article is to present the results of surveys measuring the sense of professional satisfaction and analysis of the attributes that create it among hotel industry employees on the example of a deliberately selected sample of hotels in the Tri-City. Organizing work in specific conditions of hotel services requires appropriate quality of work, commitment and motivation to act on the part of employees in this industry. That is why it seems so important to ensure the efficiency of the business model of hotel services, based on employee behaviour, which is to be stimulated by motivational tools that trigger a high level of professional satisfaction. Therefore, the article focuses on understanding the mechanisms, conditions and factors that can shape satisfaction with the work performed in this industry. The research was carried out using the proprietary P.A.S.Z. methodology. The results clearly show that a high level of satisfaction is dependent on the high quality of human resource management practices in the surveyed organizations and is not necessarily dependent only on material motivating factors. The most critical attributes limiting the satisfaction of hotel industry employees include the possibility of promotion and professional development in the structures of their organizations. The factors that increase a high level of satisfaction include the importance of tasks performed by an employee, as well as the level of individual responsibility for results and the way of working. The average level of satisfaction in the Tri-City hotels surveyed was over [+60 p.], which can be interpreted as a high score, even when compared to other industries and professions examined by the author of this paper.