How the Change of Values Leads to a New Corporate Culture

Abstract :

The change of values in society has been a talked about phenomenon for almost 50 years, starting in the 1970s. Its reality has never been as apparent as it is today due to a change in generations: the so-called ‘Generation Y’ has grown into taking over the lead in society and thus also in economy with a new set of values which on the one hand are the most defined manifestation of the process mentioned above, and on the other are interwoven in major paradigm-shifts in society as it has been moving from the Modern into the Post-Modern, both directed and driven by the Digital Revolution and the new forms of social life and economy which it has brought forth.?This article sums up the meaning of these changes and their consequences for organizations; it explains why it is vital to take part in the social discourse on which they are based and shows how enterprises can use the change of values and the shift of generations to create a stable and sustainable position for themselves in future markets.