Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Trust in Online Advertising. Model Assumptions and Results of Marketing Students Survey in Poland

Abstract :

The program assumptions and areas of expertise of the IBIMA conference provide an opportunity to present the results of research on the assessment of trust in the information included in online advertising.? This problem is a kind of cognitive gap in research on categories of trust and research on various areas of marketing, including: relationship marketing, B2C and B2B marketing, online marketing, and marketing communication. The paper presents an excerpt of study results obtained in the course if an original NCN grant of the National Science Center in Poland, titled Information Asymmetry in On-Line Advertising in the Context of E-Consumer Behavior Manipulation [2018/29/B/HS4/00563] in 2019. The primary objective of this article is an empirical assessment of Internet users’ trust towards information contained in online advertising. The structure of the considerations includes three issues: 1. theoretical context of the problem justification, 2. assumptions of the research model and 3. evaluation and discussion of the results obtained. The conclusion shows the constraints and implications for further research.? The source of the analysis are the results of original research done in 2019 on a group of students of the Faculty of Management and Marketing at a university of economics in Poland.