Hellwig’s Measure of Development and Comparative Analysis of the Best Companies in the Dairy Sector of the Visegrad Group Countries

Abstract :

The article presents selected methods of multidimensional comparative analysis called taxonomic methods that enable the classification, grouping and ordering of economic objects according to selected diagnostic features. The dairy sector companies were selected by revenue in 2017 in the Visegrad Group countries and 20 companies were included in the analysis. The business entities were subjected to comparative financial analysis using parameters of descriptive statistics based on 10 most popular indicators representing profitability, operational efficiency, financial liquidity and debt of dairy sector entities in 2015-2018. Then, the companies were ordered according to Hellwig's synthetic measure of development, using the average values of these indicators in the examined years and normalizing them earlier. The article shows that multidimensional comparative analysis allows to determine the most attractive entities using the synthetic measures and taking into account the values of financial indicators. It also makes it possible to show a graphic presentation in the form of two- and three-dimensional charts. In its classic form, however, it has its drawbacks and limitations that are pointed out.