Green Marketing as An Instrument for Business Competitiveness: A Theoretical Contribution

Abstract :

Green marketing has been an important academic research topic for at least three decades but few studies have focused specifically on green branding. A green brand identity is defined by a specific set of brand attributes and benefits related to the reduced environmental impact of the brand and its perception as being environmentally sound. A well – implemented green brand identity should provide benefits to environmentally conscious consumers. Therefore, the present manuscript focuses on green marketing and green consumers, with the intention of contributing preliminarily to a greater knowledge of this marketing segment in the management of companies' brands. From a theoretical perspective, the present study intends to assert itself as an instrument to aid future studies and development of green marketing strategies at the business level. The preliminary results seem to show the growing recognition and the high importance that this market segment presents for organizations (for profit and non-profit).It employs an interdisciplinary perspective, with contributions to management (of green marketing products or services) and marketing (i.e., segmentation). In order to further this study and facilitate the comparison of results, it should be extended to other specific sectors (e.g., tourism). This study intends to contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in the area of green marketing, consumer behavior and brand management.