Gmos And The Food Supply Chain In Republic Of Moldova. National Food Policies And Consumer Perception

Abstract :

The paper proposes to present the legislative context of transgenic food production and consumer perception in the Republic of Moldova.? In Moldova the status of genetically modified organisms is regulated by law no. 755/2001 on biosecurity, amended and supplemented by the law enforcement regulation 2003. The National Agency for Food Safety has the responsibility to control transgenic products, but the human and technical resources, equipment and control procedures of the agency are insufficient.The cultivation and use of GMOs in Moldova has been officially banned since 2003, but the authorities have not yet succeeded in developing a system for monitoring the import, production and distribution of GMOs in the country. According to local feed producers, 30 to 50% of total feed production imported from Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia contains GMOs. Although genetic crops are not allowed in Moldova, insufficient legislation, lack of specialized institutions or advanced technical means of border control could allow the importation, transit, cultivation or consumption of GMO foods on the national territory. The study shows that the authorities should take the necessary legislative measures to regulate these issues on the national food market.