Global and Recent Trends in Halal Tourism

Abstract :

The destinations, worldwide, have seen a progressive increase in international arrivals, consolidating their position in the international context, on the one hand, but also diversifying the source markets. The United Nations World Tourism Organization predicts 69 million Halal tourists for 2020, representing an average annual growth rate of 6.7% between 1995 and 2020.?Halal tourism has seen a growth in total number of tourists, in receipts volume, and a growth of niches, such as women and some generations, promoting a special interest in DMO’s. Considering these aspects, it is a constant challenge for tourist destinations to adapt to the Halal market, thus reinforcing their competitiveness and developing the branding and image of the destination. Destinations should prepare their offer, considering the specificities of each of those niches, ensuring good performance in terms of satisfaction, and behavioural intentions, to recommend and return to destination.?This article intends to present a diagnosis regarding Halal tourism in a global perspective, considering several emerging niches, and presenting opportunities concerning tourism destination management.