Ghosting As A Manifestation Of Inversion On The Polish Labor Market

Abstract :

What became the trigger for getting interested in the issue of ghosting in organizations were signals from practitioners about the intensification of this phenomenon. It became noticeable because, for many years, in the area of hiring of employees, we were dealing with the employers' dictate. The purpose of the survey-based research (using the online survey was to deepen the identification of the ghosting phenomenon. This included its causes, characteristics, conditions of its intensification in Poland as well as steps that could limit its negative effects for companies. The research was carried out in two stages; the first was carried out at the turn of 2018/2019 and took into account the perspective of organizations represented by their owners, managers and HR services. The second stage, carried out at the turn of 2019/2020, concerned the perception of ghosting by candidates participating in these practices, who wanted to be recruited, future employees. The research has confirmed the spread of ghosting and related problems in companies regarding recruitment of employees and maintaining the level of employment. The results of the survey, justifying the need for further research in the context of its consolidation, allowed to initially address the issue of limiting the negative effects of ghosting on companies.