Gauging Social Media Users Satisfaction – A Case Study Based On Reception Of Facebook Functionality

Abstract :

Customer satisfaction is a fundamental and key confirmation of quality of any product offered on the market. A satisfied customer is very often the guarantee of company strong market position and its competitive advantage. Therefore it is understandable that more and more companies treat the customer satisfaction as the most important attribute describing the quality of the merchandises or services. It also concerns information systems such as social software / social networks that are offered on the market.?Customer satisfaction studies concerning? utilization of these products allows to know the factors that motivate people to use this type of websites. Equally important is obtaining information about which parts of this type of software operate unsatisfactorily for users. Thus this kind of knowledge is crucial in the processes of modifying and improving of community portals such as Facebook etc.??The analysis of the Internet market clearly show that the average internet user increasingly willing and often uses different kinds of social networks. We can conclude from this that the satisfaction level of social media usage is shaped at a high level. However, there is a lack of scientific approaches to the topic of estimating the satisfaction of end-users of this type of software.?The article presents the concept of estimating users satisfaction with social software, which is based on the achievements of marketing research and software quality studies. The basis of this concept is the model of user satisfaction in the context of social media that has been created by the author. The model is based on selected set of the most important end-user quality attributes describing the social networks. Such approach will not only determine the level of overall users satisfaction, but will also provide specific information for software improvement.?The proposed model has been verified in the quantitative empirical research on the example of Facebook social network. The study have been carried out using survey method on the a group of active users i.e. university students. The results of these studies and the most important conclusions will be presented in the article.