Furniture Industry – Managing The Polish Industry’s Sustainable Development

Abstract :

National economy is based on activities taken up by market participants. Domestic economy is viewed globally through the lens of products/services it offers. Therefore, market image building depends on what the given country is associated or identified with. Currently, the Polish economy (according to the Polish Development Fund’s data) is valued at 11 billion [Euro] in terms of furniture export. Among industries belonging to the industrial processing sector, the furniture discipline is second in terms of net export. It is therefore very important to sufficiently invest in this sector of the Polish economy. The paper presents an analysis of the furniture industry in terms of own and government research. All of the analyses are embedded in the topic of sustainable development, which constitutes the foundation for fulfilling the basic assumptions of “Industry 4.0”. This direction of action is required for industry management. Then, it will be possible to participate in a global, but “digitalised” and “smart” chain of a relations network that satisfies consumer needs. An analysis of the study results allowed for defining the key factors in development planning, i.e. “education” and “house brand”. Their participation is required in managing sustainable development in the furniture industry to consciously shape the domestic economy.