Forward-Looking Disclosures in Integrated Reporting of Polish Companies

Abstract :

Aim/Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to identify and evaluate forward-looking disclosures in integrated reports published by Polish companies. The article uses the results of literature studies on the subject, the results of previous research, and observations of business practice in the area of integrated reporting.?Design/methodology/approach – The quantitative and qualitative content analysis of forward-looking disclosures in integrated reporting was performed in order to assess the current status of integrated reports prepared by Polish companies. The analysis covered 33 integrated reports prepared by 20 corporate groups in 2016 and 2017.?Findings – The results of the research have shown the level of forward-looking disclosures in the examined integrated reports. In addition, the findings proved that most of the items of future disclosures has the nature of qualitative narrations regarding strategy, information on growth opportunities, industry or market risk, environmental risk, while less attention was paid to investment projects, product research and development plans and financial risk.?Research implications/limitations – The findings of the research may provide the basis for proposing the use of a balanced scorecard (BSC) as a tool for the development and presentation of forward-looking disclosures.?Originality/value/contribution – The research is aimed at presenting a critical interpretative perspective. The results of the study complement the research gap of current literature on integrated reporting and forward-looking disclosures in Polish practice. The research presented in the article contributes to current literature on integrated reporting and future disclosures.