Foreign Experience of Digital Economy

Abstract :

The article is written in frames of the project AP05135078 Formation and development of the digital economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan: theory and practical measures of implementation. In modern conditions of economic development, the role of the information sector is growing. The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the breakthrough development of digital technologies, the revolution in the information space, and the acceleration of the processes of globalization. Information has acquired a characteristic of the resource in social and economic processes. Its use is transformed into knowledge, measured by increasing productivity, and socio-economic relations are increasingly moving into the network space. Information and communication technologies have changed not only business models and the behavior of consumers in the modern economy, but also created the basis for the transformation of a wide range of social processes-high-tech production, economic activity, financial services, educational concepts and standards, entertainment and leisure. This infrastructure, based on electronic interaction, is becoming a new vector in the development of the global economy, which acquires the status of digital as an economic activity based on digital technologies. Information technology in the economy is seen as one of the ways to diversify the national economy, its reorientation from the raw material to the industrial-service model.