Factors Influencing The Life Cycle Of Enterprises In The Creative Industries In Slovakia

Abstract :

The aim of the paper is to analyse the life cycle of the enterprises in the Slovak creative industries according to the various determinants such as the economic development and clusters. Creative industries tend to localise mainly around large and medium sized cities forming creative local clusters. The study provides a first empirical evidence of the forces behind clustering of creative industries influencing the success of the creative industries’ entities as well as the length of the life cycle. The analysis has been performed for Slovakia. The results show different patterns of clustering of creative employment in Slovakia. The average size of creative industries, the productive diversity and the concentration of human capital and creative class have been found as common aspects of clustering in Slovakia. Our findings provide empirical evidence of the small positive role of historical and cultural endowments as influences of clustering. We make suitable recommendations required to conclude that the length of the entities’ life cycle in the creative industries is influenced by the several factors linked mainly to culture, economic progress, modernization and local clusters. The paper contains just the partial results of our research.