Factors Impact On Women’s Online Purchase Of Cosmetics In Jordan

Abstract :

This study aimed at finding out the factors influencing Jordanian women’s online purchase decision for cosmetic products. The study followed a qualitative research method depending on descriptive and analytical approaches. The research sample consisted of 400 Jordanian women selected from all faculties at the University of Jordan. (400) questionnaire forms were distributed and (291) were collected, while the remaining were neglected because of uncompleted responses. Thus (291) questionnaire forms were valid to be tested and analyzed. The results of the study revealed that product factors occupied the first rank in the online purchasing of cosmetics at a moderate degree of estimation, followed by website transactional factors which also came at a moderate degree of estimation. The last rank was for website features factors that came at a moderate degree of estimation as well. According to the study results, the researcher recommends increasing the effectiveness of e-marketing companies. Also the researcher recommends that website transactional factors should be improved by offering customers the service of payment upon reception, allowing for multiple payment method, ensuring privacy and security in transactions and ensuring quick purchasing process.