Exploring the Antecedents of E-Customer Loyalty: A Case Study of Shopee? Indonesia’s E-Commerce

Abstract :

This study aims to explore the effect of e-service quality and e-trust on e-customer loyalty in Shopee? Indonesia’s e-commerce and investigate whether e-customer satisfaction performs as a mediating variable or not. Loyal customers are an essential driver of e-commerce success because customer loyalty is closely related to the profitability and long-term growth of a company. A small increase in the number of loyal customers can dramatically increase profits, which in the e-commerce industry will be very profitable because the competition is only one mouse click away. This study used 400 customers of Shopee? Indonesia as respondents and applied the structural equation model (SEM) in data analysis and hypothesis testing. It found that e-service quality and e-trust affected e-customer loyalty through e-customer satisfaction as the mediating variable. E-customer satisfaction partially mediates the relationship between e-service quality and e-trust on e-customer loyalty.